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Where to go stargazing around Charleston

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Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse | Image via @johnnahansen

This conversation was written by Maggie Vickrey, CHStoday’s editorial coordinator.

If you’re looking for something to get you out of the house, or should I say out of this world, then we’ve got the perfect activity for you. 🌌

With social distancing measures still in place, and your usual pastimes possibly restricted, you might be running out of ideas on ways to keep your family, friends, and yourself occupied.

Stargazing is a stellar way to enjoy some time outside while still staying six feet apart. Plus, you can get your dose of the outdoors without having to deal with Charleston’s summer heat.

We asked y’all to share some of your favorite stargazing spots around Charleston and here is what you suggested...

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Photo by @kw.miller

Woodlands Nature Preserve (4279 Ashley River Rd.)

A perfect place to camp overnight, with 11 lakes clearing a breathtaking view of the stars.

Pitt Street Bridge (Mt. Pleasant)
Just minutes from downtown and easily accessible for a nighttime star-filled stroll.

Brookgreen Gardens (1931 Brookgreen Dr., Murrells Inlet)

For a light show in the sky and on the ground, The Bruce Munro exhibit offers a mesmerizing display of lights throughout the gardens that complement the clearly visible stars in the sky. Open until 11 p.m.

Brittlebank Park (along Lockwood Dr. near Fishburne St.)

Conveniently located downtown, a pier stretching over the Ashley River providing a mirror for the twinkling lights above.

Natural Gathering Grounds (7338 Peirce Rd., Ridgeville )

If you’re willing to take a drive, this camping spot, about an hour away from downtown, has 54 acres of pure nature away from city lights which allows the stars to illuminate to their highest potential.

Bonus: A few extra resources to make your night Sirius-ly over the moon:

Click here to see what time you can view the planets. Use this interactive sky chart to help familiarize yourself with what you’ll be able to see in the sky.

Download the Star Chart app for your Apple or Andriod product to help identify what you’re looking at while gazing.

And, If you want to go all out, check out this list of gadgets and supplies to enhance your experience.