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Celebrating travel and tourism in Charleston

Travel and tourism play a major role in the Holy City’s economy.

ravenel bridge

Folks will use the Ravenel Bridge to explore the Charleston area.

Photo by @loudhandleproductions

It’s no surprise the Holy City gets more crowded during the summer months. But did you know those out-of-town guests are helping our economy and causing you to pay fewer tax dollars?

Now through Saturday, May 25, is SC Travel and Tourism Week, which aligns with the National Travel and Tourism Week.
Quick facts

  • One in 10 people work in hospitality, supporting 200,000+ jobs
  • The estimated annual economic impact of the industry is more than $29 billion
  • Tourism-related tax collections reduce the annual tax burden for every resident by nearly $1,000

“Tourism helps us showcase what makes our communities, our traditions, and our people unique and vibrant, all while fueling jobs and attracting visitors and their out-of-state dollars,” said SC Department of Parks, Recreation + Tourism Director, Duane Parrish.
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