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Trick or treat yo’ self 🎃

Pumpkin guessing competition at Mercantile and Mash in Charleston, SC

By the looks of it, we’re guessing the number is...

Screenshot via @mercantileandmash

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re sharing all the spooky news lately, from Harold’s Cabin’s Halloween pop-up to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch. So, let the regularly scheduled programming continue...

Who doesn’t love a little spooky competition? Local casual eatery + coffee shop Mercantile & Mash is joining in on the fun this season, with a guess-how-many-pumpkins-are-in-the-jar contest. The event runs through Halloween, with the chance to win an Indigo Road gift card on the table.

Is this the right time to present the age-old question of whether candy corn gets a thumbs up or thumbs down? We’ll go first: Thumbs up. Share your opinion.