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Try This: Reset mind + body at Synchronicity wellness center

You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind well-being oasis.

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Walking in, we were met with a gorgeous landscape and warm, sunny day in the Holy City.

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Hey, Charleston, Lexa here. 👋 I’m constantly seeking out ways to get in some more me time” — to recharge my battery by leaving the hustle and bustle behind. I know I’m not alone.

That’s why I was so excited to snag a day pass to Synchronicity, a health and wellness center in Mount Pleasant that focuses on resetting the mind and body. Rest assured, this is the place to be for some well-deserved R+R.

What we tried:

Synchronicity’s goal is to promote mental wellbeing through physical experiences, nutrition programs, and community-based challenges. I tapped into some physical experiences with six wellness stations. Each station is curated to specific goalsluckily, I got to experience a little bit of everything:

  • Cryotherapy: To energize + decrease pain and inflammation
  • Infrared sauna: To detox + decrease muscle and joint tension
  • Normatec compression: To increase circulation + decrease pain and inflammation
  • Massage chairs: To improve sleep + decrease stress and anxiety
  • Salt chamber: To relieve sinus + allergy symptoms and improve psoriasis and eczema
  • Cold plunge: To revitalize body and mind + decrease systemic inflammation
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The gorgeous setup of the cold plunge made for a very enjoyable experience.

Photo by CHStoday

What not to miss:

While I was a bit apprehensive at first, the cold plunge, meant to target inflammation and reset the body, was an awesome experience that couldnt have come at a better time after a few tough workouts during the week.

The water was 38° and I was asked if I wanted to walk through some breathwork with the staff (thanks, Joni) beforehand, which changed the game for me. I lasted a whole two minutes and felt almost euphoric afterwards. My body was incredibly relaxed, with little to no stiffness, tightness, or pain, and my mind was open, clear, and energized. 👊

CHS-Synchronicity Try This - 10.31.22.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to get a little movement in this bright + airy room? Check the online schedule for upcoming classes and events.

Photo by CHStoday

What we’re still talking about:

How recharged I felt after just three hours at Synchronicity. Enough said.

The staff was incredibly supportive and checked in with me at every station. I was apprehensive about walking into a chamber of cold air kept at -166° for cryotherapy, but I walked out feeling alert + excited to head to the next station: The massage chairs.

You think you’ve had a solid experience in a massage chair before until you head to the Meditation Zone at Synchronicity. To set the scene: The room was dimly-lit and featured a television with ASMR-like photos + sounds that slipped me into a relaxed, meditative state. The calming atmosphere nearly put me to sleep, but still kept me present in the moment. Two words: Absolutely spectacular.

Overall, the facility was one of the most stunning + tranquil places I have ever been, and the amenities surpassed all expectations.

CHS-Synchronicity Try This - 10.31.22 3.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to get a little movement in this bright + airy room? Check the online schedule for upcoming classes and events.

Photo by CHStoday

How you can experience this:

The center is open Monday-Saturday, so there’s plenty of time to pencil a visit into your busy schedule. Take an early lunch, prep your work the night before, do whatever you need to do to carve out some personal timetrust me, it’s worth it.

Check out pricing for a single day pass, packages, and memberships (or get a free day pass for your first visit). 👀

Things to know if you go:

  • Experience: Synchronicity wellness amenities
  • Price: Varies
  • Website:
  • Address: 1513 Mathis Ferry Rd., Mt. Pleasant
  • Hours: Hours vary

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