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This veteran is on a mission to donate blood in every U.S. state

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Army veteran Steve Harrell, on a mission to donate blood in all 50 states

Army Veteran Steve Harrell is on a mission to donate blood in all 50 states | Photo via The Blood Connection

U.S. Army Veteran Steve Harrell has a mission: To give blood in every single state. 🇺🇲

Steve’s commitment to service + his trusty RV have taken him to 11 states so far – most recently South Carolina. In fact, he was one of the first donors to give at The Blood Connection’s new North Charleston donation center.

His goal to save local lives by giving to community centers is what led Steve to The Blood Connection. Because you can only give blood every 56 days, Steve spends his time in between stops getting to know the members of the community he’s in. “You might be walking down the street one day and that person right there… you may have saved his or her life.”

Inspired by Steve’s mission, The Blood Connection pledged $10 per donor to the Wounded Warrior Program – which works with local companies to hire veterans this past Veteran’s Day. Thanks to the donors who visited their local centers, TBC was able to donate $3,380 to the organization.

If you’re also feeling inspired by Steve, you can save up to three local lives with a trip to TBC’s new center (5780 Core Rd.) or at a mobile drive.

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