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New beginnings await: Embracing back-to-school season

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Father embracing his daughter in front of school bus

Within the mix of emotions that both parents and students feel, there are often feelings of excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and sometimes fear — here are some tips for coping.

Photo provided by Modern Minds

As summer winds down, it’s time for exciting transitions. Whether your little (or not-so-little) one is stepping into the world of school for the first time or off to college, it’s a big step.

Here are three tips for offering support from Modern Minds psychiatrist, and parent, Dr. Kelly Holes-Lewis:

  • Speak openly and without judgment about how they feel.
  • If they are starting a new school, visit to meet teachers and same-aged students. Life is always easier with a buddy.
  • Remind your student they are capable + resourceful — and if they need help, they are supported by teachers and staff.

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