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Expand your supply chain management skills with USC’s new CSCP course

Find out how USC’s newest continuing education course could be your next best career move.

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A factory distribution center with rows of boxes and workers moving things around

CSCP certification can drive improvement in your organization and maximize the efficiency of planning and operations.

Photo provided by USC Office of Continuing Education and Conferences

Hey, Charleston, meet USC’s newest continuing education offering: the Certified Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program. 👋

This CSCP certificate preparation course utilizes the APICS CSCP Learning System and provides access to the latest and most comprehensive industry information, making it a great next step for Charlestonians wanting to deepen their knowledge of the most up-to-date supply chain management best practices.

The skills and expertise gained from the course and the distinction gained from CSCP certification benefits both professionals and employers by keeping you and your organization more competitive in today’s economy.

After earning CSCP certification, professionals will be able to:

  • Help a company reach its ideal supply chain state
  • Use data to link production, distribution, purchasing + service
  • Reduce waste in supply chains
  • Identify + classify supply chain risk and develop risk response plans
  • Improve communication throughout the supply chain

The bottom line: It’s never been easier to get CSCP certified in Charleston.

Take the 6-week course.*

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