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Get a taste of Charleston as a flavor of ice cream

From southern red velvet to praline, here are what ice cream flavors you said best describe our city.

This picture shows a cone with double scooped vanilla sprinkled with lots orange, white, blue, pink, and red sprinkles.

There’s no such thing as too many sprinkles.

Photo provided by Ye Ole Fashioned

Recently, we asked you to come up with a unique ice cream flavor that describes Charleston and utilizes one to three locally sourced ingredients. After reading all of your responses, it’s safe to say that our mouths are watering. Here were some of our favorites:

Goat cheese ice cream made with goat cheese from The Goatery at Kiawah River, with swirls of homestyle blueberry jam from Legare Farms, topped with a local Benne wafer. Called “Berry Queen.” - @thecharlestonvacationer

Sweet cream ice cream with peanut brittle crunches (sweet cream = sweet southern charm + peanut brittle bits = salty beach air) and caramel sauce to add a little fun and flavor (just like Charleston) Called “Sweet Charleston Crunch” or “Sweet Carolina Crunch.” - @cdicesmith

Pineapple ice cream (representing the Pineapple Fountain), Rainbow Sprinkles (pastel sprinkles, even better — for Rainbow Row), topped with Charleston’s own Benne wafer from Charleston Specialty Foods. Called “The Southern Seaside.” - @popthebubblyevents

Vanilla bean ice cream, fresh blueberry swirl from Champney’s Blueberry Farm, crushed Benne wafers from Olde Colony Bakery, and fresh Meyer lemon zest from any Charlestonians’ backyard tree. Called “Blueberry Benne.” - Nona S.

Tea infused vanilla with tea from Charleston Tea Garden, strawberries from Boone Hall Farms, and a drizzle of honey from Bee City Zoo & Honey Bee Farm. Called “Tea-Berry Treasure” (because everything in Charleston is a true treasure). - Susan S.

Vanilla ice cream, butterscotch swirl, and crushed Benne wafers from Southern Sisters Bakery or Charleston Specialty Foods. Called “Benne Butterscotch Ice Cream.” - Brooks B.

Peach ice cream made with South Carolina peaches, praline, and Benne seed wafers from Market Street Sweets. Called “Peachy Geechie.” - Phyllis G.

Praline ice cream, chopped pecans and Benne wafers, and local honey drizzle. Called “Holy City Harmony.” - Ross W.

Vanilla ice cream, pecan, caramel swirl, and Benne wafers from Olde Colony Bakery. Called “Bless Your Heart.” - Cara H.

The only thing we need now is a local ice cream shop to make one of these flavors a reality. Ye Ole Fashioned, Park Circle Creamery, Turbo Conewe’re looking at you.