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Play “Would You Rather” with us, Charleston

We want to know your answers to this Charleston-themed game.


We’re bringing you some thought-provoking questions.

Photo by @morgan_civ

Table of Contents

When’s the last time you played a game of “Would You Rather,” Charleston?

In case you’ve never played, here’s a quick rundown:

Step 1 A question is posed that pitches two options. Example: “Would you rather live in Charleston or any other city in the world?”

Step 2 You decide what you’d rather do. No surprise here, we’re choosing the Holy City.

Now that you’re an expert, let’s tap into our nostalgic side and play this game featuring some of Charleston’s most iconic landmarks, businesses, and celebs.

Question One

Would you rather have unlimited frosé from The Co-Op OR unlimited Home Team tots?

  • Frosé all day.
  • I can’t say no to harissa mayo.

Question Two

Would you rather start your weekend at the Charleston Farmers Market OR on the beach at Sullivans Island?

  • Restock my fridge, please.
  • Grab my sunscreen.

Question Three

Would you rather spend two hours playing tourist in your own city with Darius Rucker OR a week with the cast of "Southern Charm”?

  • I’ll take any time I can get with Darius.
  • Can’t pass up the behind-the-scenes opportunity.

Question Four

Would you rather play one last game of ping pong at HōM OR indulge in one last Charleston Nasty Biscuit from Hominy Grill?

  • Forrest Gump has nothing on me.
  • You had me at biscuit.

Question Five

Would you rather star in an episode of Outer Banks” OR make a five-second appearance in The Righteous Gemstones”?

  • I could hang with John B.
  • Danny McBride is pretty sweet.

Question Six

Would you rather enjoy skyline views at The Watch OR jam out to live music at Pour House on a Friday night?

  • I’ll take a drink with a view.
  • All the live tunes.

Questions Seven

Would you rather live in a historic home downtown OR a beachfront cottage on Folly?

  • Love the 18th-century charm.
  • I want the ocean breeze.

Record your answers here. Thanks for playing, Charleston.