The mysterious lights in Ravenel, S.C.

Stono Baptist Church

Stono Baptist Church, Ravenel, S.C. | 📷: @mattahair

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TGIF, Charleston. Or maybe we shouldn’t say that, considering today is Friday the 13th.😳 While Charleston has plenty of spooky ghost stories of its own, today we are taking you on a trip about 30 minutes outside of the Holy City to the town of Ravenel, S.C.

New Year’s Eve, 1889 is where our story begins. Three young men were walking home from a celebration when they stopped near railroad tracks to observe the bright orange moon falling over the town.

Their time of observation + awe came to a swift end, as they were killed in a collision. Some say they men were involved in a logging truck accident, while others claim they perished in a train crash while on a joy ride down the tracks.

The men were buried at Stono Baptist Church (right behind the railroad) – their graves bearing three unmarked headstones.

Legend has it that the men’s ghosts continue to haunt Ravenel, and can be seen only at night. It is said that eagerly curious – or just flat out terrified – spectators can venture to the railroad tracks + see the spirits in the form of three oncoming lights.

To see these lights, you must park your car along the street and cautiously approach the doors of the church, knocking three times. Once you return to the car, it is said that a bright light will appear that, at first, could be mistaken for a headlight of an oncoming vehicle. However, the glow will temporarily disappear, and slowly fade back into view with not one, but three lights coming towards you.

It is then suggested to abort mission + evacuate swiftly, if your stone cold fear hasn’t already made you do so. 👻

Whether or not this mission could be cursed remains to be seen.