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Redefine what R+R means with this ultimate wellness pass

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CHS-Synchronicity day pass.12.12.22.jpg

Synchronicity employees are on hand to guide first-timers through their experience — like this guest trying the cold-plunge.

Photo provided by Synchronicity

What will it be: cryotherapy, salt booth, infrared sauna, or the cold plunge? How about everything? 👀

That’s what the lucky person in your life will get when you gift them a one-month all access membership to Synchronicity — Charleston’s premier mind + body wellness center that’s committed to helping you foster a resilient mindset and find the wellness path that’s right for you.

The one-month membership grants access to all amenities and is valid Jan. 2-30. Bonus: We recently visited Synchronicity ourselves (and loved it).

Give the gift of wellness.*

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