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4 tips for maintaining your mental health during the holidays

The experts at Modern Minds offer tips for dealing with stressful moments during this busy season.

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A woman sitting at the dinner table during the holidays.

Modern Minds shares practical tools and strategies to help you stay focused on what truly matters during the holiday season.

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While the holidays are a time to come together with loved ones, family gatherings can also have stressful moments.

Dr. Lauren Carter, clinical director of Modern Minds, shares practical tools and strategies to help when negative feelings arise during the festive season.

  • Hold space: Acknowledge that gatherings can be both joyous and challenging.
  • Take a breather: Give yourself permission to step away when needed to take a breath and reground yourself.
  • Take a mini mental vacation: Close your eyes for a few minutes and venture to a favorite place, using all five senses.
  • Wear an annoying comment like loose clothing: The comment may be there, but it doesn’t have to stick to you.

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