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This program takes a holistic, modern approach to mental health and wellness

Through evidence-based therapy + education programs, Modern Minds gives clients tools to better manage everyday stress and live more balanced lives.

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A group of students practicing yoga at Modern Minds.

Modern Minds is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to treating and empowering mental health and wellness.

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Looking to enhance your everyday well-being? Invest in yourself with the Modern Minds Core Immersion Program, a personalized 16-week program designed to help you develop the necessary tools to foster a more resilient mindset to better care for —and connect to — yourself and the world around you.

The evidence-based program equally prioritizes therapy and whole-person health to treat, achieve, and sustain mental health and well-being with weekly:

  • Therapy: These one-hour sessions allow you to work with a dedicated therapist to develop the core skills needed to start moving toward the life you envision.
  • Wellness navigation sessions: Choose from a range of wellness activities, like balance checks (assessing how a client feels in each cornerstone, identifying where there is room for growth), guided meditations, yoga + more.

Both are partnered in teaching practices that can support a healthy mindset and that may be applied to everyday life. The teachings are grounded in The Four Cornerstones of Mind-First Wellness™:

  1. Fuel
  2. Reflect
  3. Move
  4. Connect

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