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Eye of the storm — What you need to know about Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane season is here and we have all the information you need to stay prepared

As you read this newsletter, your morning coffee might be brewing, just as Hurricane Idalia is currently brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.


Always be prepared for a hurricane to hit South Carolina during hurricane season.

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Hurricane season is in full effect and we want to keep you well prepared.

The National Hurricane Center has released advisories indicating that the storm is anticipated to reach the Florida coast and make landfall during the early hours of Wednesday morning. Subsequently, the storm is forecast to approach the Lowcountry area from late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. Anticipate widespread flash flooding and strong winds along the entirety of South Carolina’s coastline, with Charleston expected to be impacted.

Hurricane Idalia

The projected path of Hurricane Idalia is seen in this image from the U.S. National Hurricane Center.


Here’s what you can anticipate and how to stay prepared.

Landfall date and projected category
Hurricane Idalia is classified as a Category 3 storm, featuring maximum sustained winds reaching 120 mph. As the hurricane moves across the border into South Carolina from Georgia on Thursday, Aug. 31, anticipate sustained winds ranging between 39-73 mph. The storm will be downgraded as it crosses the state.

Rainfall estimates and potential flooding
Predicting exact rainfall totals is challenging, but meteorologists anticipate accumulations ranging from 3 to 10 inches, with higher amounts closer to the coast. Stay vigilant for potential flash flooding, and there’s a possibility of isolated tornado occurrences.

Evacuation plans and routes
During the hurricane season we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these evacuation routes for the Charleston area.

Hurricane shelters, emergency food options + more

  • American Red Cross | 843-764-2323
    • The Lowcountry SC Chapter sets up emergency shelters during hurricanes.
  • Lowcountry Food Bank | 843-747-8146
    • This nonprofit will assist those affected by hurricanes. Be sure to check its website for any updates.
  • South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) | 803-737-8500 or 866-246-0133 (Tip Line will be activated in an emergency)
    • SCEMD is responsible for coordinating and facilitating disaster preparedness efforts across the state..
  • South Carolina Hurricane Guide
    • This guide is a comprehensive resource providing residents with essential information and guidelines. Pro tip: save this tool to your phone.

Do this today

Be sure to secure all of your patio furniture, trash cans, and protect your pets that live outdoors. Stay safe this week Charleston.