Astrology signs as Charleston coffee shops

Check out our list of the signs as Charleston coffee shops to find out what spot the stars say you should visit next.

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Is Mercantile and Mash perfect for your sign?

Photo via @mercantileandmash

Jessalin + Lexa here. We’re all about reading the tea leaves, but sometimes you gotta go for coffee and astrology.

In case you didn’t know, National Coffee Day is this Thursday. What better way to celebrate than by grabbing a cup and settling down to enjoy this brew of the horoscope signs as Charleston coffee shops?

Aries: Muddy Waters | March 21-April 19

Known as the bold + courageous leaders of the zodiac, you embody Muddy Waters’ drive and passion when it comes to advocating for what you believe in. This coffee is ethically sourced in small batches directly from farmers. Plus, the bright colors of the interior allude to the fiery personality of your fire sign.

Taurus: Clerks Coffee Company | April 20-May 20

As a luxury lover, you’ll feel right at home at Clerks Coffee Company’s beautiful + aesthetically-pleasing café. After all, nothing screams opulence like sipping coffee from a spot with the slogan “Time is Money.”

Gemini: Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer | May 21-June 20

Your flexible nature suggests you tend to get along with different types of people. Serving both kinds of brews, Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer has something for everyone. Plus, feed your extroverted side with its weekly Chess Day hosted every Sunday from 4-6 p.m. — bring your own chess board.

Cancer: Vintage Coffee Cafe | June 21-July 22
The sentimental + emotional nature of your sign is the perfect match for Vintage Coffee Cafe, a quaint coffee shop nestled in a little white cottage. Pair your classic latte with a baked good for all the homey vibes.

Leo: babas on cannon | July 23-Aug. 22

babas is a great fit for the warm, loving nature you possess with its cozy atmosphere. You are also not afraid to let your presence be known, similar to the spot’s noteworthy very tall quiche.

Virgo: King Bean Coffee Roasters | Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your perfectionist nature makes you your own favorite barista. Use that attention to detail to get your grind just right by grabbing your own beans at King Bean. As an earth sign, it sure doesn’t hurt to nurture your roots by getting up close and personal with the java.

Libra: Second State Coffee | Sept. 23-Oct. 22

With multiple locations throughout Mount Pleasant + downtown Charleston, Second State Coffee is as balanced as you are. You love being charmed, and this coffee shop will do just that with its hospitality and minimalist interior details like the custom-built heart pine wood tables downtown.

Scorpio: Mercantile and Mash | Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This coffee bar nestled in the historic Cigar Factory alludes to the dark and discreet qualities you possess. Its chai tea latte made with masala chai spiced black tea, cinnamon + milk sums up your mysterious aura.

Sagittarius: Sightsee | Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As an adventure seeker, you’ll enjoy this travel-inspired coffee shop. Your need for constant change will be fed with coffee to-go from the order ahead system.

Capricorn: Bakehouse Bakery Cafe | Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Offering a variety of bites including seasonal pastries and a light lunch menu, you can’t go wrong with this practical spot conveniently located on East Bay Street. With how hardworking you are, you’ll be pleased to hear this spot has free Wi-Fi.

Aquarius: Brown Fox Coffee Co. | Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This walk-up coffee shop in the Old Village encapsulates the eclectic personality you possess. Differ from the normal coffee order and get a frozen hot chocolate to match your free spirit.

Pisces: The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery | Feb. 19-March 20

Being an introvert, you need a quaint spot to recharge your social battery. This cozy cafe prides itself on being “just like home” and provides the perfect escapist moment for you to relax with a cup of coffee.