Charleston’s “time capsule” contents revealed

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 2.15.44 PM

Base of former John C. Calhoun monument | Photo by the CHStoday team

On Thursday, archaeologists + city officials opened the time capsule — officially known as a concrete cornerstone — that was found following the removal of the John C. Calhoun monument in Marion Square.

The cornerstone was buried on Carolina Day (June 28) in 1858, and while documentations of what should be inside existed, no one knew for sure what would be found.

After weeks of preparing the cornerstone for its delicate opening, here’s what we know after the content’s initial inspection:

  • The inside of the lid has an inscription with the date + maker of the cornerstone
  • A piece of what looked like a rock could possibly be part of a small cannon ball
  • Three tin boxes were found that are assumed to contain a banner that was carried at Calhoun’s funeral, historic papers + a lock of Calhoun’s hair.

The team of archaeologists and other experts will further inspect the items in order to give a thorough description.

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