The Charleston Time Machine

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Stroll down King Street in 1945 | Photo via ArchiTexty on flickr

Imagine traveling back in time in Charleston — maybe you would visit the Roaring Twenties and dance the Charleston, or head back to the summer of 1886 to warn everyone about the infamous earthquake.

The Charleston Time Machine, a Charleston County Public Library resource that recently celebrated its five-year anniversary, is an imaginary time-travel device created by historian Dr. Nic Butler. It’s a podcast + online resource that tells gripping local stories.

The resource focuses on untold or lesser-known facts about the Lowcountry’s past. So far, there are 224 episodes and 100+ hours of audio on the history of Chucktown. This could be the perfect local podcast for your next road trip.

Popular trips back in time:

Go here to listen to the podcast + read the stories.