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5 places to find peace and quiet in Charleston

These spots offer a space to clear your mind and escape the noise of Charleston’s summertime business.

A tiled area with a rectangular fountain lined with mosaic tiles. To the left of the fountain are two sets of small tables with chairs. The photo was taken at night, and string lights are hanging above the fountain.

Theodora Park at night is just as lovely as during the day.

Photo by the CHStoday team

Charleston is a bustling city, and when tourist season hits, it can get even noisier than usual. Based on research conducted by Earth.FM, the Holy City ranked the No. 22 loudest city in the US — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some peace and quiet.

The study also found places where locals can escape noise pollution by identifying the top quiet places. To do this, researchers assessed 3,000+ parks and nature spaces across 245 cities with populations over 250,000 and assigned them “Quiet Scores.” The methodology considered:

  • Reviews of the attractions that include words like “quiet,” “peaceful,” or “tranquil”
  • The average visitor rating at each location
  • The attraction’s popularity and how that impacts its peacefulness

So, where can you go in Charleston to find tranquility? Here are the five best spots to get some peace and quiet, ranked in order of their Quiet Scores.
1. Charlotte Street Park | This quiet Irish Memorial Park leads to a concrete pier over the water where you can enjoy some alone time.
2. Barnet Courtyard | Located on the College of Charleston’s campus, this courtyard is perfect for college students needing a moment of peace. The outdoor space features a sculpture garden, benches, and a lawn area.
3. Charleston Noisette Memorial Garden | Inside of a library may be what first comes to mind when you think of quiet spaces, but this outdoor area at the Charleston County Public Library with greenery, seating areas, and a walkway raises the bar.
4. Theodora Park | This spot is one of our favorite places to bring a book and relax. The quaint pocket park offers plenty of benches, a fountain, and greenery.
5. Wragg Square | A hidden gem dating back to the 19th century, this quiet square is set behind an old brick wall and fence. Make sure to stop and smell the flowers.