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A reminder from MUSC Health on the importance of routine screenings + vaccinations

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Doctor sitting with patient at doctor's office

Dr. Erika Blank of MUSC Health meeting with a patient | Photo provided

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Routine healthcare visits across the country have declined during the pandemic, leading many organizations — like MUSC Health — to remind the public about the importance of annual wellness check-ins and physicals to screen for problems like breast or colon cancer.

In a recent episode of Advance with MUSC Health, Terrence Steyer, MD explains why it’s time to get back to regular visits, preventive health screenings, and specialist visits. He also stresses the importance of getting the COVID-19 + flu vaccines. Here’s what Dr. Steyer had to say:

Why we need routine preventive care:

In family medicine (Dr. Steyer’s specialty), the focus is not just on the care of patients who are sick, but on trying to prevent people from becoming ill. Coming in for routine care (think: annual wellness visits or physicals) means physicians can check on the measures that would help prevent serious disease like cancer, heart attacks, or strokes. (Need help finding a provider?)

What are some important routine screenings?

A number of women have put off routine mammogram screenings, says Dr. Steyer, and breast cancer can sometimes be aggressive and grow much more quickly than anticipated. Waiting 18 months or two years for that exam may be too long. He also brings up colorectal cancer screening, for which a colonoscopy is recommended. There are also tests that don’t require you to come to the doctor’s office for a procedure, so telemedicine services can be utilized.

What he’d say to those worried about visiting a doctor’s office right now:

Dr. Steyer emphasizes that offices are doing all they can to keep people out of the waiting rooms and back into a clean clinic room as quickly as possible. And really, going to a physician’s office shouldn’t scare people any more than going to the grocery store or a drugstore to get the items they need.

What he’d say to those hesitant to get vaccinated for COVID-19:

Dr. Steyer tries to identify and understand patients’ concerns, work through common misconceptions, and leave politics at the door. If someone has a trusting relationship with their primary care physician, hopefully the physician can help the patient overcome some of those vaccine hesitancy issues and get them protected.

He also reminds us that it’s important to get the flu vaccine — and you can even get your COVID-19 booster shot at the same time.

You can listen to Dr. Steyer’s full interview here, and get inspired to schedule your routine screenings. Ⓟ

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