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Here’s where to fill your tote: four sustainable businesses

Charleston businesses are leading the green movement

Zeroed Out Market Products

Zeroed Out Market Makes Sustainable Home Products

Photo Provided By Zeroed Out Market

The movement toward going green is gaining momentum, and many of Charleston’s local businesses are crafting a new legacy — one of sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Local businesses like Zeroed Out Market have the goal of making sustainability easy, with its focus aimed at zeroing out packaging, harmful chemicals, and waste. However, Zeroed Out Market isn’t the only business paving the way for a more sustainable Charleston.

Compost Now has been making waves in the community, and its goal is to transform food waste disposal into an opportunity for more environmentally friendly practices. It offers compost collection services for local households and businesses, ensuring that organic food waste doesn’t end up in landfills.

Native plants play a crucial role in our ecosystem and environment, and thanks to Roots and Shoots Nursery, there’s a strong advocacy for the preservation of local landscapes. Its mission is to make these landscapes more water-efficient while maintaining the beauty of Charleston.

Roots and Shoot Nursery

Native plants greet you at Roots and Shoot Nursery

Photo by Caroline Albrecht

Mamasita’s Cloth Diaper Service brings sustainability closer to home, quite literally. Disposable diapers fill up our landfills, taking years to decompose. Mamasita’s reduces the waste generated by traditional disposable diapers by offering a reusable cloth diapering solution for families with little ones.

As Charleston embraces a greener future, these businesses symbolize the city’s commitment to sustainable practices. Be sure to support one of these local companies soon.