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The new Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital is now open

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Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital | Photo provided


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After 11+ years of planning, the new Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital is now open at 100 Callen Blvd. in Summerville. 👏

Why is it a big deal? This is the first full-service hospital in Berkeley County in 45 years, meaning it will provide comprehensive healthcare services to a region that has gone without for almost half a century. Berkeley Hospital offers a 24-hour emergency room, imaging department, lab, birthing suites + intensive-care unit, all in 116,000 sqft.

Here’s a look at Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital by the numbers:

  • 221,000: Residents that live in Berkeley County
  • 300: Hospital staff members
  • $119 million: Cost of the facility
  • 2: Years of construction
  • 50: Beds in the hospital
  • 6: Operating rooms
  • 16: Rooms for mothers + babies
  • 4 to 1: Staff-to-patient ratio

This impressive staff-to-patient ratio makes Berkeley the most intimate of the Roper St. Francis Healthcare suite of hospitals. Here are some ways they’re personalizing the patient experience:

  • Implementation of forward-thinking tactics like face-to-face pharmacist consultations + telehealth services.
  • Equipped with a virtual health system, giving patients access to medical evaluations from off-site doctors + specialists.
  • Designed with patients’ comfort in mind, like the nuclear medicine room with artwork on the ceiling to help patients relax.
  • Patients can review their medications directly with a pharmacist before being discharged.
  • Being telemedicine-equipped, the hospital will connect to the virtual stroke network shared by Roper St. Francis Healthcare + MUSC Health.
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The nuclear medicine room in the new Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital | Photo provided

Click here to learn more about the new Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital. 🏥


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