Speaking of coffee shops...

Part of the Charleston-based 6AM City team with RALtoday editor Anne.

Can’t beat an outdoor co-working session on a cool, sunny day in Charleston.

Photo by @chstoday

Lexa here. 👋

On Friday, I spent the day with former CHStoday editor Katie and current RALtoday editor Anne enjoying the cool weather (if you know you know) outdoors at Vintage Coffee Cafe. Not pictured is CHStoday’s other editor, Tatum, who was enjoying a delicious acaí bowl in the sunshine with us moments prior.

Some would say I really immersed myself in the perfect environment to work on today’s lead story. The outdoor space at Vintage is truly unmatched, and I persuaded Anne to order my go-to: The lox bagel. Of course, I also paired my dish with a chai latte.

As the weather starts to cool down in the Lowcountry, expect a lot more outdoor co-working photos from me. Until then, check out our list of seven spots to work outside and let us know if you head to any of ‘em. You won’t regret it.

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