The Charleston City Plan

A few months ago, we told you all about the Charleston City Planalso called the Comprehensive Plan — which outlines the community’s vision for how Charleston should look in 2030.

This week, City Council members voted unanimously on final approval of the plan — making it the first in the state to limit new development in areas with high flood risk + encourage development in areas with lower flood risk.

Here are the updates + revisions:

  • A recommendation was added to the Land Use element regarding an overlay district for the section of Ashley River Road between Magwood Drive + Church Creek.
  • Land Use Recommendation 13 was updated to emphasize the importance of working with existing entitled developments to implement recommendations of the City Plan Land + Water Analysis. Both of these updates can be found on page 129 under Recommendations 12 and 13.
  • The Union Pier area is now designated as a “Future Planning Area,” defined in the plan as “areas for which there is not a definite land use recommendation in this document, but that would be subject to further public planning activities before any development approvals would occur.”
  • The area that is known as “Four Corners” has been changed from “Neighborhood” Future Land Use designation to “City Centers” Future Land Use designation.

You can find the updated information and maps for these changes on page 114 of the plan + check out the City Plan website by clicking here.