Take a tour of Charleston through the eyes of AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) art project sketches 50,000+ images a day.

Charleston view from above.

We’re taking a look at our city a bit differently.

Photo by @kdimeg_photo

You’ve probably heard of Siri, or even received some sass from Alexa, but allow us to introduce Craiyon. The artificial intelligence (AI) art project sketches 50,000+ images a day by taking users’ text input, scouring the internet for millions of related photos, while essentially teaching itself how to draw.

It’s probably only a matter of time until androids are actually showing us around Charleston, but until then, join us on a tour of the city through this AI’s… eyes.

✈️ Charleston International Airport

You have to start somewhere, and it seems our digital friend arrived on a direct flight from cyberspace — looks like the weather is holding up nicely for them.

Charleston International Airport drawn by Craiyon.

Think they had a smooth landing?

Photo via Craiyon

🌹 Brookgreen Gardens

Who says human eyes are required to enjoy the scenery at this Lowcountry property? We must say, the colors are looking extra vibrant in this shot.

Brookgreen Gardens drawn by Craiyon.

We have to say, this one’s pretty good.

Photo via Craiyon

🌇 Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

We had to see what our CPU (computer pal unit) drew up for one of the, if not the most, iconic landmarks in our city. We couldn’t have drawn it up better — quintessential Holy City sunset and all.

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge drawn by Craiyon

Nice job capturing the sunset.

Photo via Craiyon

Pineapple Fountain

Ah, yes. The old pineapple-shaped fountain, arguably known for its iconic photo-op in front of the Charleston Harbor + Ravenel Bridge. It’s looking like a bright, sunny day in this image, so we can’t complain. Nice work, little robot.

Pineapple Fountain drawn by Craiyon

Find the fountain at 1 Vendue Range.

Photo by Craiyon

What other Charleston sights would you want Craiyon to illustrate? Test it out for yourself and send us the most remarkable creations.

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