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A city of many names

charleston skyline

Photo via @charlestonspired

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Howdy, Chucktown. Or should we say Holy City? Chas? Whatever your choice of name for Charleston may be, have you ever thought about where it originated from?

While there’s no deep-seated mystery behind any of Charleston’s nicknames, they all have a little bit of history that makes them significant. Here is a rundown of six of the most popular monikers for our beloved city:

Chucktown | Charleston was originally known as Charles Towne in honor of King Charles II – which is how the shortened “Chuck” came about.

Holy City | While some claim this name is due to the vast array of churches lining the downtown streets, its origin dates back to the 1700s when settlers + immigrants from all over the world came to Charleston and brought numerous religions with them – all of which Charleston was tolerant.

Silicon Harbor | Have you heard of the Charleston Digital Corridor? Charleston is booming with tech startups, which is how it scored the nicknameSilicon Harbor.” Think: a coastal version of Silicon Valley, C.A.

The Big Sweetgrass Basket | Hand-woven sweetgrass baskets have been a southern tradition since the 17th century + are hard to miss when taking a stroll through the city, making this an appropriate nickname.

Chas | This one is pretty self-explanatory: just a catchy little abbreviation.

CHS | The Charleston International Airport code + the best newsletter in town. 💁‍♀️