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10 Charleston life hacks: Part 2

Pro tips every Charlestonian should know.

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Use these tips to live your best life in CHS.

Photo by @mpeacockmedia

We asked readers for their tips and tricks to living in the Holy City. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • “Sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray should be with you always.” -Linda T.
  • “Going to Folly Beach? Go early, leave mid-day to avoid long traffic delays!” -Billy O.
  • “Bring cold drinks into stores and appointments with you; they warm up in the car.” -Traci E.
  • “Friends with boats!!!” -Emily H.
  • “Fold your side view mirrors in if you would like to keep them.” -Harold C.
Downtown Charleston

What’s your secret to success in CHS?

Photo by Preservation Society of Charleston

  • “When walking downtown keep your eyes on the sidewalk so you don’t trip.” -Michelle B.
  • “Always have your beach bag and suit in the car.” -Wendy K.
  • “Always carry a long sleeve shirt or light jacket in your car in the summer.” -Sherm6327
  • “If going out to dinner, get reservations weeks ahead. No exceptions.” -Paul J.
  • “Be a tourist in your own town at least twice a year.” -Shayla M.

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