Charleston based cookbook release

Try out fresh Southern Recipes from a Lowcountry author

CHStoday Southern Lights cookbook

We are swooning over the dish on this cover art.

Photo provided by CharlotteBergerPR

Feast your eyes on a newly released cookbook from Charleston based author — Lauren McDuffie.

Southern Lights” features over 100 recipes of light southern style cooking. The emphasis is placed on revamping traditional southern dishes to create healthy food for all.

These recipes pack a flavorful punch while combining healthy ingredients with classic comfort foods. Sample some of the recipes available in the book:

  • Sheet Pan Catfish with Okra, Corn, and Tomatoes
  • Chile-Soaked Watermelon With Smoked Almond
  • Pimiento Cheese Hummus
  • Hushpuppy Popovers

Head on over to Lauren’s blog — My Kitchen Little — to see more recipes and cookbooks she has worked on.