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How well do you know Charleston, SC?

Charleston drone image | Photo by @charlestonpired

Charleston drone image | Photo by @charlestonpired

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Hey Charleston. Whether you have been with us for a while or you’re new to the Holy City, if you read CHStoday, you may know a thing or two about this Lowcountry city. Take this quiz to see just how well you do know our favorite city in SC. This 15 question quiz covers everything from our museums to Rainbow Row, historic and current.

Good luck, CHS.







Answer key

What color was the first house on Rainbow Row painted?

Pink. In 1931, Dorothy Porcher Legge + her husband purchased the row of homes on East Bay St. She eventually painted one of the homes pink to brighten the atmosphere, and her neighbors eventually followed suit- creating what is now known as Rainbow Row.

In what year was Charleston founded?


Who serves as the Charleston RiverDogs’ Director of Fun?

Billy Murray

What Caribbean town’s layout is nearly identical to Charleston’s?

Bridgetown, Barbados. This is because CHS was originally formed as a colony of Barbados. British settlers landed on the Caribbean island in 1627, and after running low on resources, they set sail looking for land to expand their sugarcane operations, ultimately landing in Charleston. You can still see the Barbados influence in the Holy City, from the architecture to familiar, local names. Read more about it here.

What famous poet was stationed at Fort Moultrie while serving in the Army under a false identity?

Edgar Allan Poe. The poet was stationed at Fort Moultrie from Nov. 1827-Dec. 1828, where he served under the name of “Edgar A. Perry.”

True or False: The Pineapple Fountain symbolizes hospitality.


In the 1750s, doctor + CHS resident John Lining wrote America’s first account of a disease that swiftly became an epidemic. What was it?

Yellow fever

How long is the Ravenel Bridge?

13,200 ft.

What is a popular nickname for the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse?

Charleston Light

Why were many piazza ceilings in Charleston originally painted a light blue?

To keep evil spirits away. The light blue color, known as “haint blue,” due to the Gullah Geechee descendants of the enslaved African planters thinking that soft, blue-green paint would keep the “haints”– or evil spirits– away. The color was chosen to represent water, which residents believed haints were unable to cross. The blue ceilings were to trick any spirits that might try their luck in entering the home.

Which show or movie was Not filmed in Charleston?

A Walk to Remember

What date did Charleston (and the entire state of SC) originally celebrate New Year?

March 25. While we’ve all come to observe the New Year on January 1, this was not always the case. Originally, SC observed the mark of the New Year on March 25, and it was not until 1752 that the date changed to the first of January. Technically the year 1751 was the “shortest year in history,” since it only consisted of 282 days – beginning on March 25 and ending on January 1.

True or False: The Dock Street Theatre was America’s first theatre.


What was Charleston’s first brewery?

Palmetto Brewery. Now known as Palmetto Brewing Co., Palmetto Brewery was founded in the mid-1800s + was originally located at the corner of Market and Hayne streets.

What local sports team plays in a stadium named in honor of Joseph P. Riley Jr.?

Charleston RiverDogs.