CHStoday’s 2023 pumpkin carving contest winners

We were floored by the creativity of our readers, so it’s our pleasure to hand out our super official pumpkin carving awards in time for the holidays.

A jack-o'-lantern with seeds pouring out of its mouth beside a bottle of Samuel Adams beer. Beside it, green pumpkins arranged like a frog wearing a witch's hat.

Ladies and everyone, your CHS pumpkin carving contest winners. | Photos by Scott C. (left) and Linda P. (right)

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You’ve scooped the seeds and made masterpieces out of pumpkins. Now it’s time for us to reveal the winners for our Pumpkin Carving Contest — and we couldn’t pick just one. Check out the pumpkins below, including our super official awards for the winning entries.

A pumpkin carved to look as if it is vomiting pumpkin seeds sits next to a bottle of Samuel Adams beer.

“October Overindulgence.”

Photo submitted by Scott I.

Funniest Pumpkin: October Overindulgence

Everyone loves a good beer, but maybe this pumpkin could have gone a little easier on the brew. Question — is it considered cannibalism for a jack-o'-lantern to drink a pumpkin ale?

A set of gourds arranged and painted to look like a frog wearing a hat.

“Well, That Spell Backfired.”

Submitted by Linda P.

Most Creative Pumpkin: Well, That Spell Backfired

We love a pumpkin with a backstory. This entry tells the story of “a witch who accidentally turned herself into a frog.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted — including one reader who submitted a picture of pasta, which looked delicious by the way. Happy Halloween, and we’ll see you next year.