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Fall foliage in Charleston, SC

Fall foliage in Charleston, SC.

Fall may take a little longer to get to the Holy City, but when it does, it’s pretty great. |

Photo by @nutritionbymia

While we’re on the topic of fall...

To us, watching the leaves turn from vibrant shades of green to tones of amber, scarlet, and rust is one of the most spectacular things in the world.

This year, The Farmers Almanac predicts that the city of Charleston + other areas in South Carolina will see peak fall foliage between Wed., Oct. 19 and Fri., Nov. 4.

Head over to Charles Towne Landing to experience the most colorful time of the year surrounded by towering oaks and magnolias, as well as spectacular river views. If that’s not enough, here are some more fall foliage insights.

Wanna know some of our favorite places to see the leaves? Here are some driving-distance spots + pro tips for finding the best views in the city.