Low Battery Restoration Project update

Seawall restoration

Low Battery Restoration Project | Photo by City of Charleston

Hurricane season began Tuesday + the City of Charleston is working to reduce flooding and damage during storms. The Low Battery Restoration Project is an ongoing effort to raise and restore the seawall to better protect the city from storm surge.

The seawall is over 100 years old and has been damaged by natural disasters in the past century. Large cracks, deteriorated concrete, and erosion are evident in the structure, which is now too low in light of rising sea levels. The wall is also being updated to meet ADA guidelines for accessibility.

Low Battery Seawall

Low Battery Seawall | Photo by City of Charleston

Phase 1 of the project elevated the wall 1.8 feet between Tradd Street and Ashley Boulevard and was completed in January 2021. Phase 2 — which began in February — will extend repairs to just before Limehouse Street and is expected to be completed by February 2022.

Seawall restoration

Seawall restoration | Photo by City of Charleston

You can check the project page for updates on future phases which will stretch the new wall to E. Battery Street to match the High Battery Seawall. 🌊

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