Charleston, SC’s virtual 2020 time capsule

CHStoday 2020 virtual time capsule | Graphic by 6AM City

🎶 Hey look, ma — we made it. 🎶 No matter where you are, 2020 has been one for the books. At home here in Charleston, we’ve celebrated, quarantined, cooked, built, shared, indulged in food around the world (locally), voted + given back to the community.

We know a lot of you probably just want to forget this year ever happened. But there are lessons to be learned from all we’ve experienced as a community: adaptation, growth, resilience, patience, and perspective (to name a few). To preserve these lessons and memories for the future, we’ve been collecting your virtual memories for a digital time capsule.

For the past month, we’ve asked you to submit your most meaningful Charleston-in-2020 related photos, videos, diary entries, blog posts, text messages, screenshots, etc. In total, we were able to accept 14 “items” from residents around the Lowcountry — including images of hard to come by toilet tissue, photographs of families sporting their masks, abstract artwork, multimedia projects, changes happening around the city + celebrating births and marriages. Here’s what you shared with us:

Reader wearing a mask | Photo provided
Highly coveted toilet tissue | Photo provided
Child wearing a mask for school | Photo provided
A family sporting their masks | Photo provided
Family celebrating the birth of their baby | Photo provided
Protest in downtown Charleston | Photo provided
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) | Photo provided
New home | Photo submitted
Gardening | Photo submitted
The importance of mental health | Photo provided
Theodora Park | Photo provided
College celebration | Photo provided
Married during the pandemic | Photo provided
Painting | Photo provided


Each image and link tells a story and — we hope — will shed some light on our city’s collective experiences for auld lang syne whenever this webpage is revisited. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re glad to be on this journey with you, Charleston.